Guideline and Policies for users

  1. To maintain biosafety and correct operational techniques of personnel, AS core will provide training course and seminars regular held.
  2. To access the AS Core animal facility, users can register for both the lecture and practical courses online through the AS Core website. All users must adhere to the operating hours of the animal facility.
  3. The light cycle of AS Core is from 19:00 To 7:00 .  Users cannot access the animal facility after 19:00.  If there is experiment requirement, user can fill in the application form for time extension.
  4. To main SPF facility, all users are not allowed to enter the AS core within 3 days as below:

a.  Users accessed other animal facilities

b.  Users performed rodent experiment in the labs

c.  Users contacted other rodents, including pets

The traffic flow of animal facility is:

a. Users must move from Area A to Area B.

b. Users are not allowed to go from Area B to Area A on the same day.

  1. User cannot rearrange the location of cages by themselves.
  2. Users cannot ask animal caretakers to perform animal handling, cage transfer and euthanasia.
  3. Taking photos and videos within AS Core is strictly prohibited.
  4. Every PI has designate one person to be a contact person. 

If users are no longer to use AS Core animal facility, they must return the ID card back to AS Core or ask AS Core to cancel the accessing.  ID card can’t give to other users to use.