User Cage Information


  1. AS core provides 90% of cages for every User/PI, but AS core keeps 10% for incidental/occasional use
  2. The application of cage usage is based on PI, not by institute.  Each PI can hold 100 cages maximum for A area and 50 cages maximum in B area.  Each cage will be charged 10 NT dollars per day.
  3. When usage rate is less 85% , PI is allowed to temporarily apply excess cages for use, which is twice of the maximum quota.  If total usage rate is reaching or above 85%, AS core will request PI to return the excess cages within 2 months.
  4. Users will be suspended temporarily if there’s no entering records over 3 months. 
  5. Users will be suspended permanently, if there is no entry records over 6 months.  Users need to retake the training course to regain the pass.



Numbers of cage

A area (breeding area)


B1 area (surgical and recovery area)


B2 area (experimental area)


Quarantine area