The IACUC Committee has formulated corresponding penalties for violations in the animal rooms. In order to regulate the violation items, an online violation notifications system would be launched by AS Core. Violation items, deduction points and penalty enforcement methods would be in accordance with the “Explanation on the Implementation Methods for the Use of Laboratory Animals”.
1. The attached file is the "Personnel Violation Point Rules" and the“List and Description of the Violations”. The list of violation items will also be presented in the online system. (shows in Fig. )
2. Each violation item has a counting frequency and number of times. If the violation exceeds the set number of times within the frequency, it will be converted into actual points. If the number of violation points reaches five points within six months, the user will be suspended. The protocol reached ten points will be reported to the committee to stop the protocol. The violation items which are not explained in detail , AS Core reserves the right to add and explain.
3. The violation points and penalties will be launched on the AS Core online management system on August 21st. The buffer time will be six months. (August 21st until January 31st). During this period, the violations will be recorded and informed the users and PI, together with the actual cumulative number of violations etc. After the official launch, violation points and suspension penalties will be officially implemented.
4. Researchers use the account to log in to the system page, and can see the current violation items and accumulated points of the account Profile page as shown in Figure. If the number of violation points accumulates to three points, a reminder will be notified to the users and PIs.
5. Logging in with the PI account, you can see the accumulated status of all student/research assistant/Protocol violation points. If the violation points accumulate up to three points, notice will be sent to the PI.
6. If the violations occur, AS Core will report to the IACUC Committee. Please follow the rules and do not violate the rules to avoid suspension.