AS Core Notice

  • 21 August 2019
  • ybiipe
Dear PIs and Users
The Agriculture Committee has come to the Academia Sinica on August 27 for animal testing related checks. Please follow the bellowing matters, thank you.
1. Please fill in every item of animal card correctly, including IACUC No., number of animals…etc.
2.  The drug used in animals must be of the drug grade and must be within the validity period; if it is not a drug grade substance, it must be approved by the IACUC.
3. For every laboratory performing animal surgery, please keep records of surgery, anesthesia, postoperative care, etc. for inspection.
4. In order to implement the Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM), the verification checklist was prepared, please finish the internal inspection , and the signature of the PI was signed by PI. Please mail the electronic file (with signature) before August 26th.
AS Core